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General Legal Counsel

The Saade Law Firm, P.A.
the SAADE LAW Firm, P.A.

Hire A General Legal Counsel For Your Business

SAADE LAW offers outside general legal counsel services to businesses who are in need of advice and assistance to handle legal matters. SAADE LAW recognizes that some businesses cannot afford a full-time lawyer as their in-house general counsel while at the same time they require prompt and reliable legal advice at a predictable cost to reduce risk and exposure to liability.

When SAADE LAW is retained as outside general legal counsel, it has an opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of its corporate clients’ business activities and unique characteristics. As such, SAADE LAW will be able to provide focused and cost-effective legal advice on legal issues and problems confronting businesses.

The Saade Law Firm, P.A.

Corporate Law FAQs

Corporate law involves disputes and lawsuits that arise in a business environment. See areas of commercial litigation below.

Legal Counsel

What If My Business
Already Has An Attorney?

If your business already has an attorney, SAADE LAW will serve as an overflow attorney: assisting your legal team in managing spikes in workload or to cover certain areas of the business so that your in-house attorneys could concentrate on their high priority tasks. SAADE LAW may also provide experienced litigation attorneys to bring or resolve matters that have ended up in a lawsuit. ​If your company does not have an in-house attorneys, SAADE LAW will act as your Legal Department: handling ongoing, routine legal matters at a fraction of the cost of a traditional counsel.

Legal Counsel

Will Hiring an Outside General Legal Counsel Help My Business?

As outside general legal counsel for our corporate clients, SAADE LAW coordinates and oversees:

  • Commercial contracts, licensing and professional services agreements, and various business transactions
  • Corporate governance, board and shareholder resolutions, consents, directors meetings, shareholder meetings, and minutes
  • Counseling officers and directors on fiduciary duties and strategic considerations
  • Certain employment matters, including hiring, termination, and employee handbooks
  • Commercial lease agreements and Assignment of lease agreements
  • Facilitating business development
  • Corporate immigration compliance
  • And more
Legal Counsel

Can My Company Afford Hiring An Outside Legal Counsel?

Yes.​ SAADE LAW offers outside general legal counsel services that meets its clients’ diverse needs and budgets. While the cost of an in-house attorney is frequently too high for many small and medium-sized business, legal needs will still come up, requiring timely and cost-effective solutions. Often, such companies have to resort to seeking advice from attorneys at large firms (and at large fees), but don’t do it as much as necessary because of the high costs. In many cases, companies depend on a Human Resources professional to provide employment and even immigration guidance without assistance from a lawyer. These important legal decisions often have significant consequences, both legal and financial.​SAADE LAW provides companies with outside general legal counsel services to fill these voids and does so based on a cost-efficient and productive business model. With SAADE LAW, companies can have immediate access, on a daily basis if necessary, to our legal professionals for services that include contract review and drafting, project management, drafting letters and corporate protocols, and many other important tasks at dramatically reduced effectively hourly rates.

Corporate Law

Can SAADE LAW Handle Litigation Matters?

Yes. SAADE LAW not only provides its corporate clients’ with outside general legal counsel services, among other services, but can also litigate any corporate and/or commercial dispute that may arise. ​To see if SAADE LAW’s Outside General Legal Counsel services makes sense for your company, please contact us at (786) 633-1114 or

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