Miami Medical Malpractice Defense

The Saade Law Firm, P.A.'s Miami, Florida medical malpractice defense attorneys provide counsel for hospitals, medical practices, surgical centers, outpatient facilities, blood banks, physicians, advanced registered practitioners, nurses, pharmacies, and pharmacists. Our team of experienced and skilled malpractice attorneys is well-versed in the successful representation of healthcare professionals across a wide scope of facilities and medical categories.


Our experience with these claims provides requisite insight into each specific client’s needs and concerns whether the client is an entity or an individual. We understand the extremely sensitive nature of these claims in this highly regulated industry. Experience enables The Saade Law Firm, P.A.’s medical malpractice defense attorneys to conduct a vigorous defense on behalf of the client while remaining mindful of the families and practitioners who are involved in the case.


Our experienced attorneys are experts in medical record review and thoroughly knowledgeable of the ever-changing developments of medical malpractice law. Additionally, their extensive knowledge of legalities in every area of the broad spectrum of the medical field will ensure trusted and reliable witnesses and an overall strong case from the get-go.  


Medical providers need to maintain goodwill and an unabashed reputation despite the claims asserted. We understand the stress of being named a defendant in a malpractice case, and our experienced defense attorneys construct strategies to dismiss the case at the earliest possible point by guiding the client from initial patient contact to the subsequent filing of a claim to aid this stress and protect credentials. As such, The Saade Law Firm, P.A.’s medical malpractice lawyers defend these cases both to prevail and also protect the provider’s reputation within the community. When working with The Saade Law Firm, P.A. for a medical malpractice case, we can ensure that the defendant will have all questions answered and be highly prepared for trial with a compassionate and caring approach from our experts.