How To Prove You are Not Liable in a Motor Vehicle Accident

How To Prove You are Not Liable in a Motor Vehicle Accident

It’s important to clearly understand your legal rights and obligations if you are to successfully prove you are not at fault in a motor vehicle accident. Filing a motor vehicle accident lawsuit in Florida comes with a unique set of prerequisites that may be hard to tackle.

At The Saade Law Firm, P.A. our Miami-based personal injury attorneys are here to help you navigate your legal rights and establish you are not liable in a car accident in the state of Florida.

Filing a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit

Before filing a lawsuit, there are a few limitations and policies to be aware of in the state of Florida. First, that state has a 4 year statute of limitations to file a claim. Second, Florida operates as a no fault car insurance state. This means that in order to receive compensation for medical bills or supplementary losses, the person or entity that believes they are entitled to compensation must file a claim under their own personal injury protection.

It is possible to surpass the boundaries of no-fault and make a direct claim against a driver on a case-by-case basis. For example, a jury could find appropriate damages and determine comparative negligence. In this instance, the plaintiff’s total damages would be reduced by the percentage of the accident that was their fault. Due to the the complexity of the laws pertaining to MVAs and the understanding of the totality of the circumstances that is required to apply the pertinent law, we encourage you to contact the Saade Law Firm so we can understand your specific situation, provide clear answers and advice, and give you peace of mind.

What To Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident

In the event you are in a motor vehicle accident, here are several tips and suggested steps to consider while at the scene of the accident.. First, do not make any statements suggesting or admitting that you are at fault while exchanging information with the other driver or to the authorities preparing the police report. Simply, recall and state the facts pertaining to the accident as accurately as possible.

Second, document and save all evidence, including but not limited to: pictures of the crash site, yourself, and of the damages sustained during the motor vehicle accident. It’s also important to take photos of relevant speed limits, stop, yield, school zone, or no turn signs. In a situation in which the other driver made an inappropriate or illegal turn or maneuver, establishing the other driver did not use a turn signal at the time of the crash may be enough to establish fault or liability on that driver.

All the specific details of the individual case will impact what actions can be taken and by what means. The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Saade Law Firm understand the confusion, frustration, and pain associated with a car accident. Contact our Miami-based law firm today to learn more about your options: 786-633-1114.