Why Should I Hire an Outside Legal Counsel?


Why Should I Hire an Outside Legal Counsel?

A legal counsel is a crucial part of any business to reduce the risk of exposure to legal liability. Some smaller businesses, however, are unable to afford a full in-house legal team. For businesses in this situation, outside general legal counsel services are a viable option to protect business practices, and anticipate and avoid legal issues.

The Benefits of an Outside General Legal Counsel

An outside legal counsel can serve a business by spotting legal issues before they are an immediate concern. This can translate into:

  • Drafting or overviewing commercial contracts or leases

  • Overseeing any business transactions

  • Guidance on employment and corporate immigration

  • Any instances of litigation

  • Overall facilitation of business development, practices, and governance.

All of these decisions can have significant financial and legal consequences when done without care and consideration from a legal professional. Additionally, outside legal counsels can be an important addition to a business’ in-house legal team. This extension would allow the main team to focus on high-priority legal matters while the outside counsels handle overflow routine legal work or help manage high traffic.

In-House Attorneys vs Outside General Legal Counsel for Businesses

Every business should consult with a legal professional before major decisions or transactions. While in-house legal teams are solely focused on the business at hand, they require expensive compensation that is not sustainable for many businesses. However, hiring an outside legal counsel for your business grants you access to an entire legal department at a fraction of the cost of a traditional counsel.

At The Saade Law, P.A., our outside general legal counsel acts as your full-service legal department. Should you already have an in-house attorney, our Miami-based law firm may also serve as an overflow attorney. The Saade Law, P.A. can assist your in-house legal team in managing spikes in workload so that your in-house attorneys can concentrate on their highest priority tasks.

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Hiring our legal professionals at The Saade Law Firm, P.A. as an outside legal counsel ensures that the business is working with proficient and reliable legal professionals with a broad understanding of legalities in business practices, which could not be as assured with freelanced services. Additionally, working with our firm gives businesses consistent access to legal professionals that will grow to understand their unique business practices similarly to an in-house team without the in-house price tag.

The Saade Law Firm, P.A. wants to ensure that every business has access to strong legal advice, and our team of experienced attorneys with extensive research and analysis skills are ready to provide that necessary guidance as an outside legal counsel. Contact The Saade Law Firm, P.A. or give us a call at 786-633-1114 to learn more about our outside counsel services and affordable rates.