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Our Clients: Saade Law Represents and Defends Large Florida-Based Real Estate Company

Saade Law is experienced in handling complex legal matters for real estate corporations, including litigation, evictions, intellectual property, and more.

Saade Law is experienced in handling complex legal matters

The Saade Law Firm, P.A. serves as a one-stop-shop for clients to start, operate, and defend their businesses, offering a comprehensive suite of services including corporate law and commercial litigation, general legal counseling, intellectual property law, real estate litigation, hospitality law, influencer marketing law, among others. The attorneys at Saade Law provide personalized legal assistance and are fervent allies and advocates for clients, lending personalized support through complex legal issues and mitigating matters that could cause potential risk to the business now or in the future. The Saade Law Firm represents and counsels individuals, businesses, property owners and entrepreneurs.

In this article we will be taking a closer look at Saade Law’s work as general outside counsel and litigation counsel of Client A, a vertically integrated real estate company that develops, builds, and manages multi-family rental communities across the United States. Such a large and complex company has a lot of moving parts, legal needs, and potential risks, and that’s where the professionals at Saade Law come into play. Read on to learn more about some of the legal services that the real estate attorneys Saade Law provides.


An eviction refers to the civil process by which a landlord can legally remove a tenant from their rental property. An eviction can occur for many different reasons, including the failure to pay rent as stipulated in the lease agreement, violation of the rental agreement terms, damages, performing illegal activity on the property, among other situations permitted by law. Among these, unpaid rent is the most common reason for eviction, according to Princeton University’s Eviction Lab. Landlords are legally obligated to inform tenants of their eviction and provide a notice outlining the reason for said eviction and the number of days remaining before the eviction proceedings begin.

Saade Law assists Client A with all matters related to evictions and acts as a liaison between the different involved parties including property managers, the sheriff’s office, and sometimes the tenant involved in the dispute. In the United States, evictions are governed by states and municipalities,  which highlights the importance of having a team of attorneys that are knowledgeable in how the law varies from one area to another.


Litigation is a commonly heard word in legal circles, as it is the formal process during which legal disputes are resolved. Litigation, which can occur in state or federal courts, has specific rules of civil procedure which govern the process. Additionally, individuals and corporations can use the civil court system to address a wide array of legal issues. In real estate, litigation involves a legal dispute that arises during the buying, selling, or owning of property, which range from contract disputes (one of the most common ones) to disputes between tenants and landlords, zoning and land use issues, among others. There are two parties involved in litigation. The plaintiff, which is the party that initiates the case and issues a formal legal complaint and the defendant, who is the person the plaintiff has a legal issue with and is required to appear in court if the court has jurisdiction over them.

Saade Law has years of experience providing legal assistance in litigation matters, including property disputes. Client A, a large real estate company, has chosen Saade Law as outside legal counsel to represent and defend their business in any potential dispute which could lead to litigation.

Complex Agreements

The attorneys at Saade Law have vast legal and practical business experience in the real estate world and are uniquely qualified to handle the complex agreements that come with real estate development. In real estate, complex contracts or agreements are commonplace. Complex agreements are similar to traditional legally binding oral or written contracts between two or more parties, but with the added complexity of competing priorities, including support capabilities, delivery schedules, and targets. Client A trusts Saade Law to handle their complex agreements.

Intellectual Property

Additionally, Saade Law supports Client A in a variety of corporate legal matters, including the protection of their intellectual property (IP), including trademarks. Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, including inventions, designs, names and images used in commerce, and more. A key component in protecting intellectual property lies with trademarks. As per the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a trademark “can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of these things that identifies your goods or services”. Essentially, it is how customers recognize the brand in the marketplace and differentiate it from competitors. A trademark identifies the source of the goods or services, provides legal protection for the brand, and helps protect against fraud or counterfeiting.

Saade Law filed trademarks for Client A in the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as in respective states including Florida, Texas, and Georgia. The attorneys assist the client throughout the entirety of the process while maintaining them informed and following up with all the involved parties, including the Secretary of State Departments of the USPTO.

Saade Law is a full-service law firm that provides legal assistance and is ready to assist you in all your real estate legal needs and beyond. Contact us today.


In the interest of privacy and confidentiality, the names of companies, organizations, or people mentioned in this article have been modified. Any similarity to actual businesses or people, living or defunct, is entirely coincidental. The altered names are used solely for illustrative purposes and do not reflect the real identities of the companies or people involved.

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